Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Stuff

So I got some new stuff for my armory today, and one of them is a necessity in my opinion for any M16, M4, SCAR and other rifles that use the same pistol grip.  I hate the stock one - it isn't comfortable at all.  I ordered a UTG Ergonomic Pistol Grip from airsoftpost.com (out of stock on airsoftgi).  Amazon has the real-steel ones (not interchangeable).  So here's a bit of information about it.

^ So you can see it installed right there.  It's made out of a polymer material and the entire thing has what seems to be a rubber coating over it.  Small, low-profile grooves are pre-cut for each finger.  The left side has a thumbrest as you can see.  Left handed people are left out as always.

If you hate the stock grip like I do then a new one is a must.  I bought a real-steel one for only $15 on Amazon, but the airsoft one will set you back $20-$25 (go figure).  They are very similar but there are some noticeable differences.  First of all the real-steel one is much more narrow and won't mount to any airsoft gun. Second, the real-steel version can't house a motor - instead it has a compartment in the bottom which holds anything you desire (batteries, small notes, whatever).  The shape is slightly different as you will see in the photos below.

The version designed for real guns is uninstalled and on the right, while the airsoft one is on the left installed onto the gun.  You can notice that the real version extends past to the trigger guard, unlike the airsoft one.  You can also see that the airsoft version bulges out more in order to hold the motor.  This has me thinking... maybe VFC guns use real steel grips?

Looking from the right we can see more of the slight shape difference.  Again the airsoft version is installed on the gun (right side) while the one for real guns is uninstalled on the left.

The airsoft one on the right has a motor adjustment plate while the real steel version on the left has a storage compartment.

Here's a closer look of the airsoft version.

While this is the airsoft one, both have a bulge on the right side.  I have no clue what it's for.  It isn't uncomfortable but it is different than the standard grip so it may take some getting used to.  Still this grip is a worthy investment for any gun that uses M16 type pistol grips.

I also picked up a pair of UTG Full Seal Tactical Goggles for $15.  They have a soft, light strap that is adjustable and a reinforced polycarbonate lens that is torture tested by being hit with a 0.20g BB fired from a 450 FPS gun from 21 feet away all the way to point blank range.  It is also ventilated so it won't fog, and it is extremely clear.

How clear?  Here's a little sample picture which doesn't really do it justice, but it's the best I can do.

So that's my new stuff.  I also got a 5,000 ct bag of ECHO 1 0.25g BBs which are very smooth, glossy (although not quite as much as Airsoft Elite), have no seams and no visible injection nipple.  Some sources state that they average 5.98mm diameter with a 0.01mm deviation but the bag shows 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm.  With a 0.01mm deviation they are not the most consistent BBs but I've had no problems yet.  I have however hit the top part of a fire hydrant at 100+ feet away 10/10 times.  I also got a Version 6 Propane adapter since it's more cost effective to get Propane and silicon oil instead of green gas.  So that's all for now, I hope to present some reviews of products in the near future.

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