Thursday, July 7, 2011

EVGA GTX 570 Classified Released

EVGA not only teased us with the GTX 580 Classified; they also made a GTX 570 version. While it isn't as impressive, this card features EVGA flagship craftsmanship.  This card sports a Display Port, HDMI and a pair of DVI headers for 3D Surround as well as a beefed up overclock 822 mhz core up from the standard 732 mhz core. The memory clock has also been bumped up a notch; 3902 from 3800. The card utilizes an 8+6 pin PCI-E power configuration compared to the stock 6+6, thus giving this card a good 300w to abuse; 75w More headroom then the standard GTX 570. A 6 phase power design is used for cleaner power delivery.  It also features a 10 layer PCB design and voltage read points. As EVGA would like to point out. It is 1337 certified! 


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