Monday, July 4, 2011

Logitech K300 Review

"Today we have another Logitech product to review in the form of a Keyboard by the name of the K300. It is described by Logitech as “Elegant Controls in a clean, compact design” has 105 keys fitted into a small slim chassis. It is attached to the computer by a 1.8m rubber USB cable and if you have trouble doing that, a helped quick start guide is included in the box. We used the K300 for about a week prior to conducting the review so should be used to it by now. If there are any typos in the review you can blame them on the keyboard!

In the review we’ll cover the K300’s features, performance…… We’ll also check out the software they recommend downloading in order to customise the extra functions and then round it off with pros, cons and a score!"

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