Monday, August 22, 2011

Madbull Sling Adapter QD Swivel Review

Madbull is a name widely recognized in the airsoft world for their variety of products, including grenades and grenade launchers as well as various external and internal upgrade parts.  Thanks to Madbull airsoft, today we're looking at one of their smaller external accessories - the SA03 which is a sling adapter with a quick detach swivel.

As you can see there are three models available - the SA01, SA02 and SA03.  The SA01 is a fixed mount with a horizontal loop while the SA02 is a fixed mount with a vertical loop.  We're looking at the SA03 which includes a QD swivel adapter.  The specifications are listed below.

  • Aluminum T6 6061 metal construction
  • Quick-detach design
  • Matte black finish
  • Steel mounting screw
  • 100% made in Taiwan to the highest standards
  • Fits picatinny MIL-STD-1913 rails
  • Slim profile design
  • Quick-detach sling swivel included

So this product is constructed out of aluminum to keep weight down, with a steel mounting screw for durability.  It attaches to any standard picatinny rail and includes a QD sling swivel so it's quite a universal sling adapter.  Now lets take a closer look at the product and its packaging.

As far as packaging goes, this sling swivel includes no surprises.  It's inside a sealed bag and on the opposite side you'll find an image and short description of the SA01, SA02 and SA03.  Opening the packaging reveals the hard anodized aluminum sling adapter and QD swivel.  It's considerably lighter than the sling mounts on my M4.

The swivel rotates in place and works like any swivel.  To remove it, press down on the button and then unscrew it with your fingers.  The adapter and swivel come pre-installed to a picatinny rail adapter.

The picatinny rail mount utilizes a flat head steel screw which works with small or large flat head screw drivers.  This is how I will be installing it onto my ICS M4A1 R.A.S. AEG.

To install it onto a picatinny rail, simply loosen this screw, attach it to the picatinny rail and then tighten the screw with a flat head screw driver.  If you want to mount it to a gun without a picatinny rail, you can use the included sling swivel.

Now it's attached to the bottom picatinny rail on my M4's R.A.S. unit.

One thing I noticed is that the paint scratches off quite easily with a screw driver or key, but not with your fingers.  However if you have it installed in such a way that the sling mount flaps around and hits a part of the gun, you will lose some paint over time.  Thankfully it isn't mounted in such a way - the sling mount is clear of any obstructions aside from my M4's connector.  Now lets install a UTG 3-point sling onto it.

Thanks to the picatinny rail mount on the Madbull SA03 sling adapter/swivel, I can now remove the triangle front sight post and pre-installed sling adapter and switch to a longer R.I.S. unit, while not losing my front sling mount.  This product is a great accessory for any rifle in need of a sling - whether it needs a front or rear sling mount.  It can be mounted onto virtually any gun thanks to the QD swivel and picatinny rail mounts.  Now it's time to sum up this review with a list of pros and cons and then a final score.


  • Universal mounting options - sling swivel stud or picatinny rail options
  • Full metal construction - combination of aluminum and steel for light weight and durability


  • Paint scratches off rather easily

The only website I've found this product listed at is albertaairsoft for $35 although it should become widely available in the near future.  

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