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My Crysis Wars Server

This is not new but I'd like to make a posting about my Crysis Wars dedicated server.  The population of this game keeps decreasing which is such a shame.  I think because of the system specs and confusion about the power struggle game mode, Crysis Wars is ignored.  But don't hesitate to run it on lower settings, it's the best multiplayer experience I've ever had!  Every map has a great design, there are vehicles on some maps, power struggle is brilliant (other players might detract from the experience but this applies to every online game) and the gameplay is fantastic.

I guess I'm much different than most other gamers.  I play Call of Duty online and I'm not hooked to it.  The game requires no skill to play (perks, killstreak rewards, the engine design itself and its "lag compensation"), the engine is very outdated and subpar, level design is mediocre or worse (except for Call of Duty 4 and earlier), weapons are highly unrealistic, no map supports sniping and it is very repetitive.  Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is more enjoyable but still doesn't hold onto my attention like Crysis and Crysis Wars.

Anyway this server is run on some version of the Server Side Mod (started by Ralf Ullrich, RIP).  I believe I use the AX2.1.1 version.

Please see the following tutorials on the Power Struggle game mode if you're unfamiliar with it.


This dedicated server is called []GND[] Modded PS/IA/TIA DX10 ! and you'll find it near the top of the server list if you sort alphabetically.  It's located in New York City and run on the following specs.

  • Verizon FiOS Internet Provider
  • Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Operating System
  • Intel Core i5 760 @ 4.2 GHz
  • G.SKILL ECO Series 2 x 2 GB DDR3 1600 @ 7-8-7-24-2T
  • Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100 Network Processing Unit
Here's an image from showing the internet speeds.

Now onto the server information...

  • Server Name: []GND[] Modded PS/IA/TIA DX10 !
  • Server Admin: Jester (which is me of course)
  • Server Capacity: 32 players
  • Server Side Mod: SSM AX2.1.1
  • DirectX Version: DX10
  • Time of Day: Enabled
  • Time of Day Start: 9:00 AM
  • Time of Day Length: 0.5
  • PunkBuster: Disabled
  • Friendly Fire: Enabled (1:1)
  • Teamkill Punish: Custom version enabled
  • Teamkill Limit: 3 teamkills = 2 minutes in the penalty box
  • Game Modes: All
  • Maps: All, randomized order
  • Auto Team Balance: Enabled
  • Auto Team Balance Threshold: Two - meaning if one team has two more players than the other, then auto team balance will initiate
  • Teamlock: One - meaning that if one team has one more player than the other, then you can't join that team

Server Rules

  • No Cheating or Hacking - Cheaters/hackers get permanently banned automatically.  
  • No Pointless Teamkilling - Unless you like the penalty box, or being teleported several thousand feet into the air with no parachute

General Modifications

These are modifications (mods) that apply to each and every game mode.

  • Auto Messages - The server has three spam messages that appear at the top center of the screen. The first one is a GND advertisement, second tells you to use !commands to view all chat commands (see below) and the third one tells you that there is a hidden TAC Launcher on all IA/TIA maps.
  • Chat Messages - Saying "SSM" or "ax2" brings up an advertisement stating that the server uses SSM AX2.1.1.
  • Modified vehicle damage.  Bullets do less damage to cars, explosives do more damage to cars and the AAA does less damaged to armored ground vehicles.
  • Increased sys_budget values for possibly increased resource usage in attempt to lower your ping.
  • Modified ammo capacities.  You can now hold 200 spare rounds for the SCAR instead of 120, 150 for the FY71 instead of 120, 250 for the SMG instead of 160, 12 for the FGL-40 instead of 6, 3 of each grenade, 5 spare 40mm grenades instead of 3, 25 spare gauss rounds instead of 20, 50 spare DSG-1 rounds instead of 40 and 4 of each mine.
  • Added chat commands.  Press y or u to use chat and then enter !commands to see all commands in the server!  Use the console key ~ to see these commands.  Scroll around with page up or page down keys.
  • Added vehicles to more IA/TIA maps.
  • Added hidden TAC Launcher (handheld nuclear weapon) to every IA/TIA map.
  • Added trolleys to every map
  • Graphics Modifications - Visible to anyone using high settings or better.  Increased SSAO/ambient occlusion (but not too much so you glow like in the NH servers), increased HDR slightly, added HDR blending, added water shadows, added color grading, particles now receive shadows.
  • BattleDust enabled, which means there are more particle dust effects.
  • C4 Limit, Claymore Limit, AVMine Limit and FGL Limit are now 999.
  • Decreased suit energy consumption when in speed mode from 50 to 35.
  • Increased strength scale from 1 to 9, so strength mode attacks have more of an effect.
  • Decreased field of view from 60 to 50 for more realism.

Power Struggle Settings and Modifications 

  • Time Limit: 150 minutes on Mesa, Beach, Shore and Tarmac.  120 minutes for the rest.
  • Frag Limit: Disabled, Power Struggle is not about the amount of kills your team racks up
  • Revive Time: 10 seconds
  • Energy Scale Income: 0.5
  • Energy Scale Price: 1

Starting Prestige

Below is the starting prestige for each rank.  This only applies to Power Struggle.

  • Private: 100 pp
  • Corporal: 200 pp
  • Sergeant: 300 pp
  • Lieutenant: 400 pp
  • Captain: 500 pp
  • Major: 600 pp
  • Colonel: 750 pp
  • General: 1000 pp

Starting Equipment:

Below is the starting equipment for each rank.  Again, this applies only to Power Struggle.

  • Private: Bauer 1980 SOCOM pistol
  • Corporal: Bauer 1980 SOCOM pistol
  • Sergeant: AY69 and binoculars
  • Lieutenant: AY69 and binoculars
  • Captain: AY69 and binoculars
  • Major: AY69 and binoculars
  • Colonel: Two SOCOM pistols and binoculars
  • General: Two AY69s and binoculars


Many items have a new price so here are these modifications.  Again, Power Struggle only.

  • Lockpick Kit: 25 pp instead of 50 pp
  • Radar Kit: 75 pp instead of 100 pp
  • Sniper Scope: 75 pp instead of 100 pp
  • EMP Grenade: 25 pp instead of 50 pp
  • C4: 100 pp instead of 150 pp
  • SCAR: 200 pp instead of 175 pp
  • Gauss Rifle: 500 pp instead of 600 pp
  • Battle Tank: 500 pp instead of 450 pp
  • TAC Launcher: 750 pp instead of 500 pp
  • Light TAC Tank: 1000 pp instead of 750 pp
  • Heavy TAC Tank: 1200 pp instead of 1000 pp
  • Attack Helicopter: 750 pp instead of 350 pp
  • VTOL: 1000 pp instead of 450 pp

Vehicle Modifications

Several vehicles have undergone modifications.  Here's a list of these mods.

  • Gauss LTV: Now a spawn vehicle, price is 100 pp instead of 200 pp, team limit is 4
  • Spawn Truck: Increased team limit from 3 to 4
  • ASV: Now a spawn vehicle, team limit of 4
  • ICV: Now a spawn vehicle, team limit is 4
  • Amphibious APC: Now a spawn vehicle, team limit is 4
  • Gauss Tank: Replaced standard ShiTen LMG turret with Gauss turret
  • Light TAC Tank: Spawns Heavy TAC Tank
  • Heavy TAC Tank: Spawns Heavy Singularity Tank
  • VTOL: Now a spawn vehicle, team limit is 2

Below are some images demonstrating these changes.

Team Instant Action Settings and Mods

These settings and changes apply only to Team Instant Action which is a fancy way of saying team deathmatch.

  • Time Limit: 60 minutes on Battleground and Savanna, 45 minutes for my customized maps, 30 minutes for the rest
  • Score Limit: 500 for Battleground and Savanna, 450 for my customized maps, 300 for the rest
Starting Equipment:

These spawn items apply to both Team Instant Action and Instant Action.
  • SCAR
  • Rifle laser sight

Instant Action Settings and Mods

Settings and changes only for Instant Action, or Deathmatch.
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes on Battleground and Savanna, 45 minutes for my customized maps, 30 minutes for the rest
  • Kill Limit: 100 for Battleground and Savanna, 75 for my customized maps, 50 for the rest

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