Saturday, June 18, 2011

Airsoft Armory

I figured I'd show the guns I currently use.  First, my sidearms - Wei-E Tech Dragon II (silver) as well as their silver Baby Hi-Capa 3.8.  Nice guns, I dislike the wobble on a few external pieces (outer barrel, right slide safety lever and the front slide piece on the Dragon II).  I'll do a full review soon.

The Dragon II came with a fiber optic front sight as you can see...

My primary weapon is my ICS M4A1 R.A.S.  I have a lot of external add ons for it, including a one piece Olympic Arms free floating R.A.S. foregrip (very thick aluminum), ICS aluminum quick detach silencer, ICS ready mag system (I lost it but don't use it, it's worthless and mag clamps are better), ICS AN/PEQ2 battery box, ECHO 1 LE stock with UTG rubber butt pad, ECHO 1 crane stock, Gripod, ICS M203, G&P M203 leaf sight and a few optics.  I have a G&P CompML2 Aimpoint replica (red/green dot illumination) and an Accushot 6x40 scope.  Internals are stock for now.  They're good but it could use a stronger piston, stronger cylinder head and a mosfet.

By the way this M4 is for sale.  More details here although there are new changes.  The SRC crane stock and crane stock battery is a no go because the former is out of stock.  Instead an ECHO 1 crane stock will be included, and the price is now $350.

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